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It was all started in late 2017 towards serving minimal and lightweight precious jewelry. With a dream of creating a brand that would become an influence in the realm of everyday fashion, KAMYA was created.

Growing up in India, Rishi Soni dropped his college in the middle with a dream of starting his own jewelry brand. Rishi founder of KAMYA JEWELS was inspired by its modern and ethic visual delights, developing a love for jewelry. Carrying forward his 35 years old family business of Gold and Silver jewelry in Jaipur.


The top brands in the industry sell their products at a very high price and are not affordable by everyone and we here at Kamya promise the best and efficient price of all time. We believe to provide service to as many people as we can. Our hardworking and efficient craftsmen promise to deliver the best product to you. We work hard to provide new and different styles of jewelry to our customers.


After completing a year on Etsy Market place, we started our Jewelry e-commerce website in mid-2019 with the core belief of minimal, simple and versatile jewelry trends in the market. KAMYA introduces you the concept of high-quality, finely crafted jewelry by our hands specifically for you. Quality and luxury being the core attributes.

We believe luxury should be accessible, fun and part of your every day, forever.  We are inspired by you; real, smart and mindful individuals. We commit to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices to produce quality essentials, making luxury affordable to everyone. Our motto is to provide fine jewelry at a fraction of the price. A mission to have women embrace a daily dose of luxury.

Every piece is handcrafted with perfection. Hand-crafted techniques have been used to achieve contemporary looks, using precious top quality metals promising the best quality. Our artisans are infused with dedication and perseverance providing you with the best artwork resonating the love and skills used while making it.


Our mission and vision are to provide luxury for your everyday use.


At KAMYA we Contribute a portion of our profits to charity as we believe it’s important to help and grow our community. We are supporting Harmony House. That means every KAMYA jewelry piece that you will purchase, will add sparkle to your outfit and to your soul.

HARMONY HOUSE is a nonprofit organization that is striving to provide women and children living in our local slums with a community center that offers education, nutrition, medication, hygiene facilities, and social services to the people who need it the most. they also offer jobs and small contracts to the parents of the children who use their center, making it beneficial to the whole neighborhood. They also hold vocational classes for the older kids for yoga, beauticians course, and stitching classes.

Harmony House is a day shelter for destitute children in India that provides free food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care to the underprivileged. To learn more about HARMONY HOUSE or to contribute/donate, simply click the link