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We use superior quality metals that are created naturally, those top quality metals and genuine SWAROVSKI Gemstones makes our jewelry unique and special. Our jewelry is fine and luxurious yet very affordable for everyone. You can wear our handcrafted pieces every day.

Solid 14k Gold

We at KAMYA use solid 14k gold and rose gold that makes our jewelry superfine and precious. and for a pocket-friendly deal, we also offer Gold Plated Sterling Silver jewelry. So every gold jewelry from Kamya will get a minimal and subtle look.

Sterling Silver

We at KAMYA use 925 Sterling silver or 92.5% pure silver. we offer the best finish in sterling silver that anyone can find in the market.

Gemstone we use

We use top notch quality Swarovski zirconias with the same brilliance as natural diamonds, these stones stand the test of time and style, proving to be everyone’s perfect match. A distinct and unique laser engraving marks each luxurious stone, ensuring any Swarovski Zirconia accents will always remain their most brilliant.

Some of the Attributes of Swarovski Zirconia

  • The finest quality available today.
  • Created using only the highest quality raw materials.
  • Swarovski’s Pure Brilliance Cut for Zirconia has 57 facets.
  • Swarovski’s Pure Brilliance Cut delivers the same level of brilliance as natural diamonds.
  • The engraving guarantees that the zirconia stones are cut in accordance with the cutting parameters stated by the GIA as being ‘ideal for diamonds’.
  • Every single Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia carries the exclusive Swarovski engraving, even down to a size of 0.70 mm.
  • The perfectly balanced proportions of our stones enhance the brilliance and beauty of any jewelry.
  • Zirconia has near-identical properties to diamonds in terms of brilliance, refraction, and durability.
  • Zirconia can withstand very high temperatures (2750° C) and can, therefore, be set like a genuine diamond.
  • Zirconia can be applied to jewelry without the need for adhesives, making it extremely durable and
    ideal for everyday wear.